Why “Farm Lot 59”?

The name “Farm Lot 59” makes a direct reference to Long Beach’s early agricultural past. In 1881, William Willmore made an agreement with J. Bixby & Co. to develop the American Colony, a 4,000-acre piece of the Rancho Los Cerritos. With a 350-acre town site called

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Children on the farm

We would love to invite you and your family to the farm during any of our Community Farm days. Children must be accompanied by an adult, no drop offs allowed.

We also encourage you to plan a field trip with your child's school, applications can be found here. During these scheduled visits we will tour the farm, have a lesson or activity that we plan ahead of time. You are welcome to bring a lunch and enjoy your time on the farm. 

Municipal Mulch Yard

Free mulch located at Farm Lot 59! Mulch is a wonderful way to enhance your landscape, suppress weeds and help water return to the water table instead of running off into the storm drain.

Hours : Municipal Mulch Yard